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written & directed by Michael Medeiros

TIGER LILY ROAD stars Emmy winner, Tom Pelphrey, Emmy winner, Kevin Kane, Ilvi Dulack and Karen Chamberlain. It won the audience award for best feature comedy at Woods Hole Film Festival, Best Screenplay at Cincinnati Film Festival & was the Opening Night Film at Orlando Film Festival. International sales agent, The Little Film Company.


a film about guns. Based on too many true stories...

written & directed by Michael Medeiros

Underground - Official trailer
written & directed by Michael Medeiros

Underground stars, Victor Slezak, Marion McCorry, Patricia Triana, Ben Medeiros and Neville Aurelius. It played festivals in New York, Sedona, New Jersey, Strasburg, Paris, the UK and was distributed by MiniMovieChannel.


VIDEO REVIEW:  WSJ's Frank Cipolla - exuberant review for

TIGER LILY ROAD at Soho International Film Festival

One of my favorite ways to work -- creating a scene on set

from just a few lines of description.