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Mark Woods
Michael Medeiros


a 60's rock musical - book, music & lyrics by Michael Medeiros

WILD THING  -- a rock musical set in the LATE 60'S, developed, in part,
at the Mercer Writer's Colony at Goodspeed, adapted from one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. Like it's source, WILD THIING explores the nature of love - what it is and what it definitely is not - which is the source of its forerunner's  brilliant comedy.~ The ALL ORIGINAL SCORE ~
is inspired by classic sounds of the 60's.

SYNOPSIS:       A young woman, Violet, survives a storm at sea which has claimed the life of her twin brother. Alone and heartsick, she dresses in her brother’s clothing and sets out to make a new life, finding work with Morrison, a reclusive rock star who has fallen for Olivia, the town beauty. Olivia soon falls for Violet (disguised as a boy), while Violet has herself fallen for Morrison. This unrequited love triangle and other happenings on her journey, lead Violet to realize that  disguise comes with consequences. In the end, she learns
to stand up for herself in a new
way, and all love problems are resolved... with the understanding
there will always be storms on the horizon.