A Wild Thing

A Wild Thing

A short clip from the Finale, featuring legendary sax man, Lou Marini.


a new rock musical - book, music & lyrics by Michael Medeiros


A WILD THING  is a rock musical with an all original score, newly adapted from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, developed in part at the Mercer Writers Colony at Goodspeed (2019). It speaks to our time through the lens of the 60’s, exploring themes of love & lust, gender, a class/racial divide and the clash of counter-culture vs establishment. There’s so much in this version that I’m excited about.  

Some examples:
Violet  (Viola)  sets out to make a new life and in so doing, must fill the void left by her twin brother’s death. She starts by dressing in his clothing. But this disguise brings consequences, which she explores in her song, "I Am The Man."

Feste has become Jackie Lee, a veteran Black, blues player.  During the interrogation scene in Act 2, he impersonates an Indian mystic and reveals Malcolm  (Malvolio)  to be the full blown bigot we suspected. Jackie sings "A Superhero Exorcises The Devil," trying to cast the demon out of him.

Antonio becomes Angela, a tough biker chick who takes crap from no-one. When the person she believes to be Sebastian denies knowing her, she sings out her anger and hurt in the blues rocker, "A Witchcraft."

And when Malcolm finds out how utterly he’s been fooled, he sings an eleven o’clock number, "Helter Skelter,"  swearing revenge not only on those present, but on the whole notion of a counter-culture with its renaissance of music and ideas ... until Violet stands up to him.

There are demos of most of the 25 musical numbers - I did a recent session with legendary sax player, Lou Marini (original Saturday Night Live Band, Blues Bros., etc).


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SYNOPSIS:       A young woman, Violet, survives a storm at sea which has claimed the life of her twin brother. Alone and heartsick, she dresses in her brother’s clothing and sets out to make a new life, finding work with Morrison, a reclusive rock star who has fallen for Olivia, the town beauty. Olivia soon falls for Violet (disguised as a boy), while Violet has herself fallen for Morrison. This unrequited love triangle and other happenings on her journey, lead Violet to realize that  disguise comes with consequences. In the end, she learns to stand up for herself in a new way, and all love problems are resolved... with the understanding there will always be storms on the horizon.




Love is a wild thing

There ain't no cure

Angel or devil

Never know for sure

Heartbreak hotel

Just around the bend

And then you're rollin on

The river again

Love is a wild thing

Big wheel turnin

And the nightbird sing

Mad heart yearnin

Bad moon burnin

Love.... is a wild thing